Urbana is a student missions conference hosted by InterVarsity, and we are on a mission to discover our place in God's global mission. This is a conference that calls thousands of people across the world to seek the truth in an eye-opening experience in which students gather to heed God's call.


"Since 1997, every once in three years, the ICF students have had the opportunity to participate in the Urbana Conference. I have been blessed to witness how the conference has impacted the lives of the students by how they serve Christ in many ways in their professions. Our main goal for this Urbana 22 is that God will transform the hearts of the students to be part of God's bigger mission to reach out to the world. This coming Urbana will be on the book of Acts."

Urbana Testimonies

Isabelle Ong-Chen

Hello! After four years, I am so excited to have the chance to return to Urbana! I previously attended the 2015 & 2018 conferences as a student, and this time I am looking forward to the experience as a post-graduate. Previously, both encounters were inspiring and transformational, and the experience was different each time. This time around, I am heading into this conference with a spirit of anticipation for what God will be revealing to me at this stage of my journey. This year, I am also looking forward to seeing how God will meet each of our ICF attendees in their steps of faith. If there is one thing I've learned at Urbana, there are many stories waiting to be unveiled, and God's aspirations for us are far greater than we could ever dream of.

Sean Chen

I had the privilege of attending Urbana in 2015 and 2018. Both trips proved to be very defining and life-changing experiences in my Christian walk. I not only saw the many ways in which God worked in His global kingdom, but I also developed a vision of my own to seek Him as I continue onwards. I want to continue to grow stronger in my Christian faith, and I'm hoping that this year will provide me with more appreciation of how God will be working throughout the individual lives of those around me. I'm grateful to be part of Urbana once again, and I'm hoping that God can use me to help others to experience the same life-changing experience that I did in the past.

Thank you for your support!

From all of us who are a part of the ICF Urbana Team, we want to thank you for your generous partnership in helping send ICF attendees to the Urbana missions conference! We are so excited to discover more about God's work globally and for the opportunity to join him. We appreciate your prayers and support on this journey and look forward to sharing praise reports about what we learn and experience!

Support Through Prayer

From all of us on the ICF Urbana Team, we want to thank you for your generosity in helping us experience a life-changing conference that will transform us into disciples who actively heed God's call!                                        -ICF Urbana Team 2022-